We’ve all been there… when there’s one person in your office who consistently generates golden ideas with their natural business mindset. Are you left feeling like you don’t have a business brain? 

Nobody is a ‘natural salesperson’ or ‘born for business success’. It’s about training your brain for business. Allan Pease, author and body language expert, claimed network marketing is a science which can be observed, experimented with and measured. The same thinking can be applied to you and your business. It’s a science! 

You can easily train your brain into generating those golden ideas. One of the most complex structures known to man is the brain; however, various angles of scientific study have led us to obtain a fair understanding of how it all works up there. 

Ultimately within business, you need an understanding of the brain. Not only for your own success but, for the success of your business in effectively communicating with your customers. By gaining a better understanding of brain functions and utilising strategies validated by science of the brain, you are can improve your business performance and meet the demands of your customers.


Parts of the brain that mean business 

The left hemisphere of the brain controls logical and analytical thinking. Business oriented individuals heavily rely on their left side of the brain. Although, right brain approaches (naturally more creative) are becoming more prevalent in entrepreneurs who are looking for non-traditional ways to navigate their business. 

The frontal lobe is responsible for organisation and cognitive skills such as problem solving and planning. The parietal lobe is responsible for sensory processes like attention and language. These parts of the brain are fundamental in social and decision making scenarios so, it’s worth enhancing your understanding of what parts of the brain are involved in the everyday processes carried out in your business. 


Get to understand Consumer Psychology

Understanding the brain and business is vital for attracting customers. What makes your target market tick? Whatever it is, there’s a decision making process that occurs in the brain to determine the action to purchase or not. 

Consumer psychology explores how a customer’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs influence what products and services they buy and emotionally invest in. Essentially, your answer to understanding your customer’s brain is thorough market research. A simple questionnaire covering age, gender and location won’t cut it . You need to research a customer’s attitudes and beliefs too. 

It may be worth exploring previous neuroscience research in your business area. Neuroscientists can draw into specific parts of the brain to assess what grabs people’s attention and activates their emotions. 

Training your business brain 

There are activities that you can make a habit of to aid the development of your brain. For instance…

  • Make new connections every week. Whether that’s through a networking event or connecting on social media. There is always something to learn from a stranger. 
  • Maintain your focus on what you can influence. There’s always going to be something you can’t control but you can control your business plan. Reflect this thinking in your headspace. Your brain will worry less about what could be and more about what will be! 
  • Learn to take risks. If it’s one thing about good business people, they take risks in a blink of an eye. We spoke last month about comfort zones and the same applies here. You will never learn by repeating the same routine. Step out of your comfort zone and learn something new by saying yes to every opportunity.