Living in your comfort zone at work is something we’re probably all guilty of. At times you may not even realise as it’s easy to get comfortable with your role. However, by staying in your comfort zone you will miss opportunities for growth and development at work. There are always skills and valuable things to learn that could become helpful at any point in your life. Inside and outside of work. 

Read this guide for trying something new that uses the analogy of a boiling pot of water to pinpoint where you are in relation to your comfort zone. 

Try something new

It’s hard to say yes to trying something new once you’ve been used to your routine for a while. You might not see a need to try new things if you’re happy with your position and where you are.

When trying something new, you may start to experience adrenaline as you anticipate the possibilities that your new experience could lead you to. You will feel this way when you start to gravitate away from your comfort zone. 


Your adrenaline can translate to the pressure building up in a pot of water about to bubble over on a stove. 


Holding back 

You may process your nerves about trying new things as a reason to hold back. You may be hesitant towards the idea of change or anxious about what could happen. If you experience these feelings then it’s important for you to remember that you miss all of the opportunities you don’t take, so what is the harm in trying anyway? 


Don’t turn down the heat on the stove and simmer in your comfort zone! 

Face fear

It’s common to feel apprehensive or even fearful about trying new things. You may believe that you might not be very good at something or perhaps you have previously avoided an area of your job. By facing our fears, we are guaranteed to overcome them and grow. By trying something new, you will learn more about yourself in the process. 


Turn up the heat, face the pressure and see the progress! 


Learn to say yes to trying new things.