At ActionCOACH, we use the VAK Questionnaire to explain learning styles. There are 3 styles of learning; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. People usually have a preferred learning style or sometimes even a mix of all three!  Discover your learning style to understand how you learn best. It will allow you to choose environments and resources that help you absorb information the most effectively.

Visual learners

Someone with a visual learning style prefers to learn through observing. Resources like diagrams, handouts, presentations and films are ideal ways to learn. People like these tend to use phrases like, ‘Show me’ and prefer to read instructions or watch someone demonstrate a task first to solidify their understanding. 

Auditory learners 

Someone with an auditory learning style prefers to listen to information. Those with this learning style will often choose to talk through a task with an expert before they perform it. Auditory learners have a good memory and will certainly remember what you have said! 

Kinaesthetic learners

This learning style is centred around physical experience. Kinaesthetic learners like to use their sense of touch to transfer information and prefer hands-on activities. These people are more likely to have a try at a task and learn as they go from their experience. Let’s just say that these people never read the instructions first! 

Go ahead and take the VAK Learning Styles Questionnaire here to discover how you learn best! Be sure to keep your results somewhere safe. This way you can refer back to them in the future to adapt your learning resources and environments to suit your style.