The benefits of reading a good book are widely underestimated. Although, in a world where everything is accessible on your phone or laptop, why would you need to pick up a book?

Here are 5 reasons why reading should be your new hobby.

1. Learn more 

We all know the saying that knowledge is power? Well when you read, you’ll discover so many new bits of information that could come in handy at some point. The more you learn the more challenges you can face and conquer.

2. Reduce screen time 

Although, most resources can be accessed with a digital device nowadays. If you invest in reading, you can practice reducing your screen time. For instance, read actual books instead of news, articles and trending posts on your phone.

3. Boost brain power 

Reading keeps your brain active and engaged. The brain requires exercise just like the rest of the muscles in your body. As a result, mentally stimulating activities like reading are so important. Did you know that reading can help to slow down or even prevent Alzheimers and Dementia?

4. Read to relax 

It’s nice to switch off after a long day at the office. What better way to let go of your day than getting lost in a good story. Reading is known to reduce stress and improve sleep so what harm is there in picking up a book to read a couple of pages? We could all do with a little escape.

5. Expand your vocabulary 

Being articulate and well-spoken is admirable, no matter your profession. Similarly to expanding your knowledge, reading will expand your vocabulary. The more you read, the more likely you are to come across new words to slip into your vocabulary and impress your peers.


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